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Saturday, 9 October 2021

Introducing: The Stepping Back into Saxon England Tour 2021

Stepping Back Into Anglo-Saxon England with 
Helen Hollick and Annie Whitehead

Ever fancied a spot of time travel? 

I'm afraid Helen and I haven't actually got a time machine, but we can offer the next best thing:  

we can entertain you with some interesting articles about Anglo-Saxon England, so step back with us into the distant past...

Press your Time Travel Switch HERE
to be taken to our first co-destination...
Helen's contribution to the
 'Welcome to the Tour' Page

So, what can you expect over the coming week?

Well, tomorrow - 11th October, I'll be on Helen's blog for her Monday Mystery slot, talking about the Staffordshire Hoard.

Then on Tuesday 12th, Helen will be my guest here, musing, What If?

On Wednesday 13th, it's my turn on Helen's blog for her Wednesday Wandering slot, where I'll mainly be standing in fields getting emotional...

On Thursday 14th (a big date!) Helen will be here with me asking 'So what started the battle of Hastings?

Then on Friday 15th I'll be back with Helen for her 'Friday Furries' slot, talking about animals in Anglo-Saxon England

On 16th, we'll both be asking Three Questions of each other, and giving Three Answers.  

So who are we?


Helen moved from London in 2013 and now lives on a thirteen-acre farm in North Devon, England, with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and a variety of animals.
Born in London, Helen wrote pony stories as a teenager, moved to science fiction and fantasy, and then discovered the wonder of historical fiction. Published since 1994 with her Arthurian Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy, which was followed by her 1066 era duo. She became a USA Today bestseller with her story of Queen Emma: The Forever Queen (titled A Hollow Crown in the UK), and its companion novel, Harold the King (titled I Am the Chosen King in the U.S.A).
She also writes the Sea Witch Voyages, a series of pirate-based nautical adventures with a touch of fantasy.
Commissioned by Amberley Press she wrote a non-fiction book about pirates in fact, fantasy and fiction, published in 2017, and also a non-fiction book about smugglers, published by Pen and Sword.
Recently she has ventured into the ‘Cosy Mystery’ genre with her Jan Christopher Mysteries, the first of which is A Mirror Murder.
She has achieved IndieBRAG medallions, and Chill With A Book awards, and has been a guest on Radio Devon on several occasions.
She blogs regularly, and after leaving the Historical Novel Society as Managing Editor for Indie Reviews in 2016, has organised Discovering Diamonds, an independent online review site for Historical Fiction, primarily aimed at showcasing Indie writers.
She occasionally gets time to write.

US and UK editions
(same story, different title)
available from Amazon

The story of Queen Emma and 
Anglo-Saxon England in the early 11th Century
(titled A HOLLOW CROWN in the UK)
buy on Amazon

What If...
buy on Amazon
(now also available in paperback!)


Annie is an historian and prize-winning author. Her main interest in history is the rich seam of stories to be found in the period formerly known as the ‘Dark Ages’ and she strives to bring these people into the spotlight to portray them more as medieval characters than mythical folk who dwell among dragons and elves.

Her first novel, To Be A Queen, is the story of Aethelflaed (daughter of Alfred the Great), who came to be known as the Lady of the Mercians. It was long-listed for the Historical Novel Society’s Indie Award 2016 and was an IAN finalist in 2017. 

Alvar the Kingmaker, tells the story of Aelfhere of Mercia, a nobleman in the time of King Edgar, who sacrifices personal happiness in order to keep the monarchy strong when successive kings die at a young age.  

Her third novel, Cometh the Hour goes further back in time to the seventh century, to tell the story of Penda, the last pagan king of Mercia. All of her novels have won IndieBRAG medallion

Annie has twice been a prizewinner in the Mail on Sunday Novel Writing competition, she won first prize for nonfiction in the new Writing Magazine Poetry and Prose competition, and she has had articles published in various magazines, on a wide range of topics. She was the inaugural winner of the HWA (Historical Writers’ Association)/Dorothy Dunnett Society Short Story Competition and is now a judge for that same competition.

Annie has had two nonfiction books published. Mercia: The Rise and Fall of a Kingdom (Amberley Books) has been an Amazon #1 Bestseller. Women of Power in Anglo-Saxon England was published by Pen & Sword Books in 2020.

Also in 2020, she was a contributor to the anthology of historical stories, Betrayal. The Historical Novel Society review said of her story that it ‘provides a sweeping scope, fine period details, and beautiful writing.’ 

Her recent release is Sins of the Father


  1. I've got my time-travel map in my hand, and a big supply of Kendal Mint Cake ... so let's go! :-)
    (cue Dr Who music...)

    1. And I've got a torch, just in case there's no electricity where we're going ;-)