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Monday, 15 July 2019

Review: Arbella Stuart by Jill Armitage

Arbella Stuart is a name I've often heard, but I've never read much about her life, so I was delighted when the publisher of my history of Mercia offered me a review copy of the paperback version of Jill Armitage's Arbella Stuart: The Uncrowned Queen.

Arbella was a cousin of both Queen Elizabeth I and James VI of Scotland, so she had blue blood to say the least. Her grandmother was another famous lady, Bess of Hardwick.

Arbella's life was not easy though - whose was in those times of intrigue and politics - and being related to royalty was no guarantee of a long and happy life.

Arbella was, seemingly, a pawn, used in discussions for marriage alliances and ultimately being imprisoned for marrying without royal permission.

Armitage's book is extremely readable, packed full of information and providing extensive end notes for those who wish to research/read further. She has a natural flair as a story-teller who has a great deal of sympathy for her subject.

A wonderful book - informative and entertaining if, inevitably, rather sad.

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  1. Arbella's story makes me so sad. But, I feel that way about a lot of people who were royalty-adjacent in the years of the Tudors. Well, the Plantagenets too. Pretty much it was dangerous for everyone, so there's that. But Arbella is especially tragic to me.

    1. I agree. I knew about her before reading this book, but not all the details. Dangerous times indeed - being a minor 'royal' was a hazardous occupation!