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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Welcome to Reads, Writes, Reviews!

Hello and welcome to the new blog.

It's still being 'built' so please be patient.

The idea behind this blog is that it will be somewhere where writers and readers can come to find interviews, reviews, articles and news about all genres of fiction (and, occasionally, non-fiction).

I've transferred some articles, interviews and reviews from my other blog, and you can find links to them here, or just search the pages at the top of this blog page.

Here you'll find authors:

Cryssa Bazos
Julia Brannan
Sarah Bower
David Cook
Pamela Hartshorne
Carol Hedges
Suzy Henderson
Georgia Hill
Nicola Layouni
Pam Lecky
Carol J Marshall
Elaine Moxon
Charlene Newcomb
Samantha Wilcoxson

I'll add more from the archives as and when I can.

If anyone has any writing news, or if you simply want to promote a publication or giveaway, I'll be happy to add it to the announcements page, and if you'd like to send me excerpt paragraphs, I'll include these in a monthly post, and I might invite people to vote for them.

Deadlines for announcements: send them when you have them, and I'll pop them straight onto the page.

Deadlines for excerpts: 27th of every month.